My name is Barbara Flynn.

To have confidence in a practitioner is fundamentally important to me .

 I have been treated by Laurens Holve for over 20 years. He is quite simply my first port of call .

Always treating whatever problem with great expertise ,honesty and constant common sense ; with humour never far away.

Barbara Flynn

Actress TV and Theatre

Trigger Point Therapy

Dry Needling is the use of thin acupuncture type needles for the treatment of muscle pain. It is sometimes known as intramuscular stimulation, or trigger point therapy. Such use of a solid needle has been found to be as effective as injection of substances in such cases as relief of pain in muscles, ligaments and tendons. Analgesia produced by needling a pain spot is called the ‘needle effect’. Acupuncture and dry needling techniques are similar, but their rationale and use in treatment are different.

In the 1980’s Travell et al. described trigger point locations as 92% in correspondence with known acupuncture points.

Dry needling is a useful adjunct to treatment when the use of injection is not appropriate.

Acupuncture/Dry Needling Treatment

Treatment is usually given weekly. A typical course of sessions is 4 -8. Acupuncture/ Dry needling is not painful, as a very thin needle is used. After insertion a sensation is often experienced like a deep ache, or distending pain, or sometimes some tingling. Chinese medicine describes this as the arrival of the body’s energy or Qi to the area. We now know that this sensation corresponds to stimulation of small nerve fibres contained within the area of the needle.

If you are suffering from discomfort or any condition which is currently not responding to treatment please contact us.