Osteopathy For a Painful Foot?

Painful foot

This short article will describe how osteopathy for a painful foot is helpful. I will concentrate on the forefoot as this is the area more commonly afflicted with painful conditions that bring patients for osteopathic treatment.

The painful foot is the basis on which all movement relies. If the foot goes wrong we are then unable to walk properly and in many cases because our walking is affected via limping and altered gait, it then throws pressure on other parts of our body eg knees, hip , and spine and these can become painful.

There are many conditions but here will talk about the most common conditions affecting the foot particularly the front.

Bunion (Hallux Valgus)

In this painful foot condition the main symptoms are:

  1. Painful swelling on the side of the first toe
  2. Limited movement as in push off when walking
  3. Pain in rest and in walking, unable to run.
  4. May have pain up the body eg knee , hip or buttock from uneven walking.

This has been talked about before on a previous blog foot problems. As an add on it should also be noted that there is often rigidity and pain on flexing the toe. This is due to osteoarthritis and though Osteopathy may help sometimes it is necessary or desirable to seek further help.

The further problem of a bunion is that a person cannot walk properly due to the pain and transfers weight to the other part of the foot for example the second toe and pain is experienced here.

In some people the pain can spread to the rest of the forefoot which is called metatarsalgia and comes about when the forefoot takes on all the weight due to the bunion.

it is for this reason that a bunion needs to be taken seriously as it can cause a lot of pain and problems elsewhere. Painful

Osteopathy For A Painful Foot

Acupuncture is helpful in reducing the pain, and inflammation as osteopathic manipulation of the toe and fore foot, helps increase mobility.

if pain though ensues or there is too much rigidity then surgery may be necessary.

Here a small amount of bone is taken away to give a more even look and takes of some of the strain on the joint thereby reducing pain

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