Exercises To Help Low Back Pain

The last few months has seen us all sitting a lot more, fretting, anguished as we try to escape the invisible microscopic enemy.

This has not been aided by sitting terrified every day watching the 5pm bulletin as the Pandemic spread.

From previous newsletters I have written about the extra tension that discs absorb from the passive activity of sitting but along with the understandable tension that has been generated from our survival instincts has put all of us at increased risk of chronic back pain.

How Exercises Can Help you Reduce the incidence of Back pain

The good news is that there is no evidence that stretching the back causes further back issues or disability.  Literature suggests that exercise itself may well reduce the risk of future back injuries.

It is important to exercise the back in different planes of motion, so for example to add flexion (bending over) or knee flexion, along with sidebending and rotation.

The goals of any exercise are not just to help you gain more flexibility but to also help reduce the amount of low back pain you actually have.  It has been shown that exercises just by themselves can cut down the amount of pain you have by 10% – 50%, which is quite a reasonable reduction.

My job is not only to try and help you get out of pain , but also to maintain you so you stay that way, so there are things you can do back home to sustain all the gains you have achieved with treatment.

How Often do I need to Exercise?

The good news is that you do not have to do too much, as knowing from past experience how most bet understandably bored I’ve done a small video which shows just two – yes only two just to get you started.

The ones I show can be done just once a day for those just maintaining their backs as a preventive just to keep it as flexible as possible.  For those in back pain then I would do them twice if not three times a day. 

So Here are the couple of exercises you can do.

Have a go and if you have any questions send me an email and I’ll try to answer them.



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