Case of Knee Pain caused by Hip problem.

In this blog I am highlighting an interesting case history of knee pain, caused by a hip problem.

I have written on cartilage tears for knee pain before. I want to write about some interesting cases whose outcome may come as some surprise.

Knee Pain

I want to write about an interesting case of knee pain caused by a hip problem. What you initially suspect is not always what it seems.

This case of knee pain concerns a 56 years old man who complained of right sided knee pain, over an eighteen month period. He had previously seen his GP, Physiotherapists, and another Osteopath.

Eventually he saw an Orthopaedic surgeon who found a tear in his cartilage.

No arthritis was found and the tear was deemed to be the cause of his pain. He was advised to undergo arthroscopic surgery. The outcome was that he still had exactly the same amount of knee pain after this surgery.

Treatment had not relieved any of his symptoms of pain and restriction, and he had difficulty walking any distance, and he walked with a walking stick.

Knee Examination

On recommendation he consulted me and the remarkable things was that his knee had a normal amount of movement and could flex and extend his knee normally.

I then examined his hip joint which was painful and restricted on rotation. This immediately suggested the possible start of hip Osteoarthritis.

I then proceeded to treat his hip with Osteopathic manipulative treatment to try and increase the movement, and lessen the pain in this area suspecting that this area might indeed be the cause of his pain.

within a few weeks all his symptoms had gone, and was able to walk without pain.

Case of knee pain caused by hip problem

This was a more unusual case in which his hip joint was actually referring pain into his hip.

This can happen as inflammation around the hip can be a cause of knee pain.

This is a good example of why it is important for an Osteopath o look around the body for tissue that may refer pain to other parts of the body.

It is always wise to have your body checked to make sure there are no patterns emerging that may lead to your body not working as it should.

If you have any niggles that just aren’t going away give a call on

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