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Tennis elbow refers to pain experienced on the outer side of the elbow and affects tendons that extend the wrist and can present between acute, onset and chronic.

What are the causes? 

It is caused by anything causing a twisting motion of the wrist and elbow such as games of tennis, but also such hum drum activities as carrying loads, window washing and even waving too much!

People with this condition often experience pain, sometimes weakness and many can have symptoms referring all the way to the wrist.

It is easily diagnosed as there may be pin point tenderness over the side of the elbow, and often muscular contraction can be felt along the crease of the elbow and sometime down the forearm sometimes reaching all the way to the wrist.

Will acupuncture or osteopathy help tennis elbow?

Medical acupuncture, trigger point therapy and osteopathy for tennis elbow are all effective treatments for this troubling condition.

What treatment is available?

Tennis elbow is thankfully reasonably straightforward to treat. The main aim of the treatment by Laurens Holve is to reduce any muscular spasm that may be present very much as in the blog on sports injuries. In the old days the conventional approach involved deep soft tissue treatment by a Physio, and if this didn’t work, steroid injection, which would in many cases reduce pain in the short term.

As time has moved on, a new approach has been to spin a small amount of the patients’ blood to enhance certain compounds in it and inject it back into the part of the tendon that has been causing problems – which has shown promising results.

Long-term studies suggest, however, that many of these treatments do not give any more long-term benefit than anything else.

How effective is treatment in both acute and chronic tennis elbow? 

After having treated many elbows over my lifetime I find that a combination of both acupuncture, trigger point treatment and sometimes manipulative treatment gives much more significant both short and long-term results.

Often with treatment patients feel an immediate difference and can soon resort to normal activities.

Golfers elbow, though not as common as tennis elbow, is very similar. The treatment approach is therefore very similar as well.

Should you have any elbow trouble, call Laurens Holve in our Highgate clinic in North London on 020 7692 1818 or e-mail lholve@camdenpractice.co.uk to take the first steps towards managing your tennis elbow, and benefit from a combined treatment approach of osteopathy, acupuncture and trigger point therapy.