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Laurens Holve

You are probably on this website because you are suffering a painful condition that is either stopping you from working or doing the things you want to do. You may be suffering acute or chronic back pain, a disc problem, headaches, or tennis elbow. I am well placed to help you return to your precondition life rapidly and effectively.

My Practice has been established for over 35 years in North London attracting referrals from GP’s and Consultants. I can offer when necessary a combination of treatments of Osteopathy, Acupuncture and Trigger Point Therapy to ensure a speedy return to health, mobility, and a pain free existence.

How long does it take to improve?

 A difficult question to answer. However for sure having treated literally thousands of patients, and being able to use a combination of treatments is the best way in ensuring as quick a recovery as possible.

When Can I Expect Uninterrupted Sleep?

Sleeping is not as motionless as people think and often involves twisting and  turning, which can often lead to straining in the back or neck and people often are woken up by the ensuing pain. When the cause is gone there is often a quick return to sleep.

How long will it take for my pain to go?

This depends on what the cause of your problem is.  What happens on your first visit after your consultation, a diagnosis is made and based on this, I can give some idea as to when you should experience less pain.

Experienced Practitioner

With over 35 years experience, I have a  wealth of knowledge to draw from to ensure effective and quick results.

Quick Response

It is easy to contact me and I will always do my best to sort out any problems you may have as quickly as possible..

Professional and Friendly

I ensure you are compfortable during the treatment   and inform  you of a treatment plan specifically for you.

These are some of the treatments I can utilise to help you get better quickly, click on heading to learn more

These are the Professional organizations to which I belong including insurance companies which reckognize me.

My Mission Is to Provide a Professional & Honest Approach to Health Care with a Speedy recovery.

Laurens Holve

Testimonials  – What People Have Said

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As a runner I have consulted Laurens Holve on a number of injuries I have sustained. Always knowledgeable and clear in his diagnosis. He has used both Osteopathic and Acupuncture treatments,  which I have found highly effective.  I would strongly recommend Laurens Holve to everyone.


Steve Richards  Political columnist for the Independent and BBC presenter.